Feature request: Suggest similar posts while I author a New Post

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Stack exchange has a feature that prevents duplicated content by matching what you write in the "new post" dialog with existing content as you type. Could AllAnswered have that too, please?

Community: AllAnswered

Yes, we do have this feature. Here are some key points -


1. Unlike Stack exchange, our suggestions are from the same community only, not the entire site. So if your community does not have any posts that match what you are typing, you may not see any suggestions.

2. If you just entered an post, it may not show up in the suggestions right away because it may take up to 15 mins for it to be indexed by our search engine.

3. To make the suggestions more accurate, you need to enter at least three words or 10 characters in post title to trigger the suggestions.

4. The number of suggestions are limited to the top 10 best matches.

written 19 months ago by AllAnswered Support  

Thank you - I think the reason I didn't notice this feature at first is that it only seems to search based on the new post title, rather than the contents of the "details" field. The feature request is more that the search should use the details field as well, because pepole become better at articulating the problem as they are trying to write a paragraph about it

written 19 months ago by Daniel  

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