Daily time allowance can be hacked by tapping a application icon rapidly many times

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When the daily allowed time is elapsed the application can still be opened by tapping a application icon rapidly many times. When the application is started this way there is no time limit anymore. Applications that have been closed in "Protected"-list can't be hacked this way. The phone is Samsung A3.

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If an app is blocked by Funamo, when you try to open it, it will be blocked by the Funamo login page. So the user cannot repeatedly try to open it in a rapid fashion. It looks like you have enabled "Close app when blocked" option in Funamo. Please do NOT enable it as it is designed only for one old device model, which is why it is listed under "Uncommon settings". When you have this option enabled, the blocked app is closed rather than blocked by Funamo login page. As the result, a user can rapidly tap on it. 

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