Cannot log in to Funano on my device

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I would like to change some settings on Funamo. I need to login to Funamo on my device, but although I did reset my password (to make sure it is correct). I can only login online, but since I cannot change my password there, I need to login on my device. What can I do?

I have checked so far:
1. My device is connected to the internet.
2. I have double checked email and password. As I said above, I even resetted my password to make sure it is absolutely correct.
3. I did try with "Changed email or password online" checkbox and without. It didn't work.
4. When I log in online (not on my device) and I press the synchronize button, I get the following pop up: "This device has not registered for push service. (Kindle Fire, Nook HD or Android devices running Android 2.1 do not support push service)" - I have a newer version of Android on my phone than 2.1. Also, I cannot see the device website/SMS/phone call history. But I can see the contacts on the phone.

I wonder if I need a new license, but I have bought one. Yet, when I click on the "license" button, I can choose between two devices to buy a license for. I remember I used Funamo on my old device, but I deinstalled it when I got my new one. Is this a problem? Do I need to transfer the license? How do I do this?

Thanks for your help

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It looks like you are running a very old version of Funamo. Could you please first update Funamo to the latest version from Google Play and try it again? After you reset the password online, did you receive the temporary password in email?

Regarding Funamo license, please refer to this answer:


I just tried and I cannot update. When I go to Play Store I can only install a new version of Funamo. I just tried to, but it says I need to deinstall the old version first, which obviously does not work.

Yes I did receive the temporary password in email.

How do I proceed from here?

written 21 months ago by Christopher Lalk 

You do not need to uninstall an app to do an update. Could you post or send us the screen shot with the error message that is asking to uninstall?

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support 
Hey, since I couldn't upload my screenshot, I have started another answer. There I have uploaded it.
written 21 months ago by Christopher Lalk 
21 months ago by

 This is my screenshot. It's in German, but it basically says I need to deinstall the old version, before I can install the new one. 

So what can I do now?

Normally you don't need to do that. Maybe your version is too old and there is some incompatibility? Anyways, if you cannot login to Funamo, you may have to do a factory reset to wipe the device. Most Android devices support some kind of key combination during bootup to factory reset the device. It differs for different device models. So please google the right procedure for your specific device model.

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support 
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