I have developed a set of multiphysics solvers (FenicsSolver) and a GUI within FreeCAD

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Dear all,

I have developed several multi-physics solver based on Fenics, it is hosted on github:
This solver is data driven (json), instead of programming for every case.  It is still in early stage, I would picked up advice from community, especially standardisation of json input data format, naming. 

It is primarily used as a submodule for my CFD workbench for FreeCAD, giving GUI for boundary selection. I think a GUI for boundary selection is crucial for complicate geometry.  I also use it for other projects with maximum code re-usage.

My future plan will be integrate Fenics with OpenFOAM which is quite advanced in multiphase flow and turbulent flow.  Recently, my time is very limited without a permanent position in the academia, thus my update and response will be slow.

I should attend Fenics 2018 at Oxford to demonstrate some advanced usage.


Qingfeng Xia @  Engineering Science Dept of  Oxford University
Community: FEniCS Project

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This looks very interesting.  Can you advice how we can install this using Docker?  I know how to install things on my local machine easily enough but not sure how to follow the instructions you presented on Docker.  If you give some advice I am happy to give it a try and give you some feedback.

This package only relies on fenics,  download it and make it loadable by python, done.

import sys
from FenicsSolver import ScalerEquationSolver​

I am not good at docker, but my guess, you can ssh and download this package into the image.

I am tangled recently, can anyone contribute a solution for wheel installer and pip installation method.

written 8 months ago by Qingfeng Xia  
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