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Hi I'm searching for tutorials/examples for simulation of compressible flow in fenics. I searched a lot and most of the tutorials/materials available are for incompressible flow. If you could point out any materials/examples/documentation for simulation of compressible flow (including shock) using fenics (python interface), I'll be grateful.

Thank you!
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If you want to dive into the deep end, you can try my side project

There is a Sod's shock tube example in addition to compressible flow around a NACA0012 airfoil.
Any plans to add flux limiters to your project?
written 4 months ago by Miguel  
I'd be interested to see a flux capacitor in operation.
written 4 months ago by Drew Parsons  
This is very interesting. Is there some documentation on the methods used ? DG for fluid flows requires high order representation of curved boundaries. Did you do this in this code ? Is there any new developments in fenics that allow isoparametric elements to represent curved boundaries ? Last I checked this was not possible and was a major drawback to using fenics for compressible flows.
written 4 months ago by Praveen C  
Indeed this is a limitation of FEniCS as-is. The new dolfin-x project has an objective to include high order boundary representation.

There is a simple Ringleb flow problem in the project which only works in serial. This problem demonstrates the sub-optimal convergence rates when using a boundary of insufficient regularity.

There a paper in press, shown in the project readme. Preprint available here
written 4 months ago by Nate  
The preprint is behind a login/password, not publicly accessible.
written 4 months ago by Praveen C  
Bit late with the reply. Try this:
written 4 months ago by Nate  
Wow! Thanks for pointing out!
written 4 months ago by Dancing Neutron  
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