Using a 3D array as a model geometry

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I am modeling the propagation of electric current in biological tissues. After studying the tutorials, I saw that i can specify model geometry using various primitives, for example boxes, cones, etc. I have a model of biological tissues represented by a 3-dimensional array, consisting of 8 million voxels. Each voxel has its own electrical conductivity and dielectric permittivity. Is it possible to specify modeling geometry using this array?
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Yes you can. By specifying conductivity in form of tensors. But what matters more is the PDE that you are solving. A very good starting point would be CBC beat where coupled PDE Ode system has been solved using FEniCS.

Here is the link to complete code that solves a model using operator splitting :

Apart from this you can find a much simpler code by searching for cbc solver old version. There is a fully implict demo there which is much easier to understand. The similarity between your project and these demos lies in the fact that these demo model electric wave propagation through heart muscle.

Hope that you find these helpful. I am doing something similar ....may be we can share our issues and findings.
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