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In the project attached, if I open it in Twedit++ and click on CC3D Project>Open In Player, Compucell3D close itself and get a segmentation fault error.
(In the zip there is the complete error log in file "ERROE: SEGMENTATION FAULT.txt")
(I'm on linux.)

Yes. I am able to reproduce the same error on my machine with the given simulation. But not sure yet what exactly causing this error. I will try to find some time to debug this.
written 10 months ago by Anwar 

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Ok so the problem with this simulation is mitosis plugin that has been deprecated for many years, as it had many drawbacks. These days the mitosis is handled more efficiently in the Python Steppable . Anyway, I am attaching two simulations  -  the original one that was posted above under ( but without Mitosis and the simulation that follows new CompuCell3D API that implements model that is similar to the original one but not quite exactly (

The original simulation witohut the mitosis plugin opens and you can run it but it will not produce anything interesting because cells will not divide. The updated simulation runs but we have not full tested if it yields the same results as the original simulation that was published. In any case the second simultion woudl be a great starting point for further explorations

Take a look at those simulations and see if indeed they open up and run on your machine

File attached: (815.27 KB)
File attached: (273.22 KB)

It seems not work correctly, but start. Now I try to work about it, thanks!
written 10 months ago by nicolalandro 
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Are you by any chance using Linux installed under VirtualBox?
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