Wildcard and arbitrary strings for URL blocking

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Is there a way to use wildcard characters for URL blocking? If not this seems like a big oversight. I want to be able to block Google Image Search, which means I need to do something like google.*/*tbm=isch. But is there a way to do this? If I try just blocking tbm=isch it doesn't accept that as a valid string for blocking. Come on!
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For me, &tbm=isch makes a valid keyword. But you then have to repeat for Bing, Yahoo, etc, then for videos, etc. Seemed to work moderately well, only a few off-target effects.

written 13 days ago by AJMillar  
Unfortunately keyword blocking doesn't work at all in my experience. Isn't keyword blocking supposed to work for text on the page, not in the URL? If it works (for lucky people like yourself) in the URL then this suggestion is much less relevant.
written 13 days ago by Moss Doerksen  

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