What does NetBOIS and it is used for_________.

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I think NetBOIS is a program that allows applications/apps on different computers to communicate through a local area network.

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NetBios stands for "Network Basic Input/Output System" and its a program that allows computers to communicate with one another. An example of this would be an ethernet cable, the ethernet cable would behave as a transport mechanism to send or receive information. 

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The definition of NetBIOS is Network Basic Input/Output System. The NetBIOS is an API (application program interface) providing various networking services. NetBIOS traffic can be transported over several different networking protocols:

  • Ethernet
  • TokenRing
  • TCP/IP
  • IPX
  • etc...

NetBIOS supplies vasts amounts of services:

  • NetBIOS Name Service
  • NetBIOS Datagram Service
  • NetBIOS Session Service
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