Kik application doesn't appear on Funamo application list

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My son has installed Kik and I can't see it on application list on Funamo. If I can't see, I can't set time allowance for it. Please tell me why it doesn't appear on the list and tell me how can I solve this problem.

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I have the same problem 

I uninstalled a new App and reinstalled it while Funamo protection is on and still can NOTsee it in the list. I did it two times and it doesn 't work. Please help!

Many thanks

written 18 months ago by N. Kraft  

1 Answer

18 months ago by

It could happen if an app is installed when Funamo protection is not turned on. You can simply uninstall Kik and reinstall it while Funamo protection is on and you will see it in the list.

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