How do I create a pull request?

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After ensuring, locally, that unit and service tests pass, and pushing changes to my developer fork of the repo, how do I create a pull request from that repo to upstream/master?

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1. Log in to Git and go to

2. Click the New pull request button.

3. Select the compare across forks link.

4. Select the following from the dropdowns:

  • base fork: travel-cloud/ClickPlatform, base: master
  • head fork: <your_fork,e.g.clictravel-edrobinson/ClickPlatfotm>, base: master

5. Click the Create pull request button.

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Note: If the CDM classes have been changed, these changes should be deployed in a separate PR before the changes that require them

Given that your changes build and pass the unit and service tests:-

  1. commit your changes to your local fork,
  2. pull from
     (the main repository for this project),
  3. if there are any conflicts, resolve them and ensure the projects build and the application passes unit and service tests,
  4. push to
     (your fork of the main repository)
  5. locate your fork in GitHub*, such as
  6. click the Create pull request button

* click on the octo-cat icon  and Your repositories are listed in the panel on the right

For more information on creating a PR see here...

 and it is also worth considering how your PR will fair in the code-review-process


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