Nitche BC on a single component of velocity vector

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Dear all, I have implemented    $u=u_0$u=u0    velocity BC at a $dS$dS boundary using Nitsche method on a stokes flow in 2D using short relation below:

  $\beta\int\left(u-u_0\right).vdS$β(uu0).vdS   where  $u=\left[u1,u2\right]$u=[u1,u2] is the velocity vector.

I want to impose this to only single component of velocity such that  $u1=u1_0$u1=u10 and let the other component free (to be defined by the solution of the problem) such as dirichlet BC on a single component V.sub(0) in elasticity problems.

Do you know if it is possible to do this in fenics?

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That looks like a penalty method, not Nitsche method. And yes it's possible. Look at the DG demos.
written 3 months ago by Nate  
Hi Nate,

Yes almost the same with DG. I will check them. Could you share a link if you have already seen them in somewhere?

written 3 months ago by Birkan  
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