Access to time steps in a space-time method

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Hello everyone,

I was playing a bit with a space-time Galerkin method for a simple 2D equation and would like to compare my solution with a classical approach (finite element for space and finite difference for time). As a solution of the space-time method I get a 3D function \[ u(x,y,t) \] and would like to project it on 2D meshes to see what happens in each time step.

In a specific example for the space-time method I used:

mesh = UnitCubeMesh(nx, ny, nt)​

Thus, we have
\[ t \in [0, 1],\ dt = \frac{1}{n_t} \]
and what I would like to do is projecting
\[u(x, y, kdt),k=0,..,n_t \]
on a unit square mesh
mesh = UnitSquareMesh(nx, ny)​

Is there any way to do that?

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