(Deleted) How to find fenics source files on local PC?

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I need to change the DirichletBC.cpp file to provide an additional functionality. That's why I wonder where can I find the actual DirichletBC.cpp-file,  which is used when I build a project which includes DirichletBC.h, on my local PC using ubuntu?
I could find DirichletBC.h in my /usr/include/ directory (/usr/include/dolfin/fem/DirichletBC.h) via "sudo find / -iname 'DirichletBC.h' -print" command.
But I can't find DirichletBC.cpp on my local PC via "sudo find / -iname 'DirichletBC.h' -print" or any other method I've tried.
Any help would be very much appreciated!
Best regards!
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I would suggest you fork the dolfin repository, or create your own library with some class that inherits DirichletBC.
written 11 weeks ago by Nate  
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