Funamo won't stay running.

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This looks like the same issue seen in: which was not solved.

I have a paid funamo account. We set it up on my daughter's BLU Advance 5.0 HD, running the most up to date software - Kernel 3.19.19

I go into the app and check Start Funamo. 

I go to the Funamo browser and it gives proxy errors.

I go back into the app and Start Funamo is no longer checked.

I've rebooted the phone and it still happens.

What's happening? How can I get this application to actually work? I've now spent many hours trying to get this all configured and working.


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 As explained in the link you included, you get this error because Funamo is not running. We do not have this specific device, BLU Advance 5.0 HD. But we have not seen such issue as you described from other users. If you still have issues, please send us a private message with your account information and we can check the settings for you.

I will do so. However, I can't figure out how to send you a private message on this forum. It isn't an option when I click on your account name (Funamo Support) or when I click on Messages, unless I'm missing something. What do I do?

written 2.0 years ago by Eric 

On the Funamo community page,, you can find Send private email options on the right hand side.

written 2.0 years ago by Funamo Support 
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