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Hi everyone,

I have solved a Poisson equation in some region using an adaptive method and now I would like to compute the electric field and some charges over some surfaces.

Before using the adaptive methods I just would use:

# Compute de electric field
W = VectorFunctionSpace(mesh, 'P', 1)
e = project(-grad(u),W)​

and then go ahead and send it for plotting or computing the charges. Now, with the adaptive mesh, I get jit errors.
I have tried things like this:
W = VectorFunctionSpace(mesh, 'P', 1)
e = project(-grad(u.leaf_node()),W)

W = VectorFunctionSpace(mesh.leaf_node(), 'P', 1)
e = project(-grad(u.leaf_node()),W)​
But I must be missing something important.
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Solved first part, actually the last sintax seems to be the correct one:

W = VectorFunctionSpace(mesh.leaf_node(), 'P', 1)
e = project(-grad(u.leaf_node()),W)​​
Now I only have problems with the charge integrals:

ds = Measure('ds', domain=mesh.leaf_node(), subdomain_data=boundary_markers)
n = FacetNormal(mesh.leaf_node())
square_flux = -dot(grad(u.leaf_node()),n)*ds(1)
Q_square = assemble(square_flux)​
The assemble instruction is giving the error.
RuntimeErrorTraceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-12-e7ba8b81542c> in <module>()
      4 n = FacetNormal(mesh.leaf_node())
      5 square_flux = -dot(grad(u.leaf_node()),n)*ds(1)
----> 6 Q_square = assemble(square_flux)
      8 cyl_flux = -dot(grad(u.leaf_node()),n)*ds(2)

/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/dolfin/fem/ in assemble(form, tensor, form_compiler_parameters, add_values, finalize_tensor, keep_diagonal, backend)
    195     # Create tensor
--> 196     comm = dolfin_form.mesh().mpi_comm()
    197     tensor = _create_tensor(comm, form, dolfin_form.rank(), backend, tensor)
    198 ​
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