Can FEniCS solve a nonlinear curve fitting problem?

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I hope this is an OK question for this forum. If not, feel free to close!

A simple example would be:
I need to find four unknown spatially defined functions `a, b, c, d` from a set of known functions `f_i`. I then would like to use these functions to define a PDE. Described in a least-squares formulation it is:

  $\sum_{i=1}^n\left[\left(a+bc\right)^d-f_i\right]^2=0$i=1n[(a+bc)dƒ i]2=0  

where `n > 4`. Is there any way a NonlinearVariationalProblem could be used to describe and solve this?
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You can see your problem as a PDE optimization problem, where your objective is this least squares, and the constraint is the pde, with these functions in it. Write the weak lagrangian of the optimization problem, take a derivative with respect to the parameters of the Lagrangian, and then solve the Lagrangian equal to 0 with nonlinear variational solver.
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