Funamo doesnt work when sim card removed

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I took out the sim and started up the phone and can access everything? Is that normal?

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No, that's not normal. Funamo is supposed to auto restart when you reboot your phone. So please test with Sim car in and see if you see the same issue. If so and your device is from one of the Asian vendors such as Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei etc, please make sure that you enable Funamo to auto restart. See the following answer for details:

If Funamo takes a long time to restart, you may consider using Protect Safe Mode as described in the following answer:


21 months ago by

Thanks how do i enable funamo auto restart? I cant see that option on settings,

What's your device model?

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support  

samsung galaxy s2 thx

written 21 months ago by Davey Bur  

For Samsung devices, Funamo should automatically restart itself when you restart the device. S2 is quite an old model so it may be slow but if you wait a bit, you will see Funamo restarts the protection.

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support  
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