I just got a new PC and now my applications look messed up

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I just got a new PC, and using the exact same monitors on the exact same resolution, many of my apps don't look right.  Dialog boxes that used to fit now have scroll bars or simply have portions of the visible area blocked.

How do I get it back to looking the way it was?
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Do you have any screenshots?

written 3 months ago by Brandon Hibbard  
Shelley had this issue and Dustin from desktop support found the answer -- I've attempted to document the solution
written 3 months ago by Christopher Hamel  

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Some new PCs are being set up with a default view that is slightly larger than the normal setting, where all applications scale to 125% of the normal view.  Even if the applications are designed to handle this, they will likely scale in an unpredictable manner.

To restore the settings on your old PC, you customize your display to go back to 100%.

From the main desktop, right click on a place where there is no icon, and select "Personalize" from the context menu:

Select "Display" from the menu.

From the display menu, set your scaling back to 100%.

Hit Apply to invoke your changes.

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