What is Fermat anyways?

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I quote from the Fermat IoP Token announcement on bitcointalk.org:

Who is Fermat?
We are a group of hardworking people driven by our vision and collaborating to change the path to another future. We are pioneers, developers, inventors and dreamers, discovering new paths, trying to change the world.

We are neither a corporation or company, nor driven by any third party economical interests. We don’t believe in concentration of power because we think that in the wrong hands it could lead humanity to a catastrophic failure. We believe in freedom and the power of technology. We believe in people. We are happy to use our skills to recreate over the internet the same level of private person-to-person interactions that we have to protect outside the internet.

Fermat’s Vision
We have been living inside an ongoing trend towards centralization of power and control. In present time a handful of entities (giant companies or conglomerates including some states) dictate with the control over politicians and military what a huge percentage of the world population can or cannot do. In this current scenario it is not difficult to predict that fights between such interest groups are likely to happen and someday in the future some entity may try to control it all (in a devastating big fail).

Anticipating that future, we envision a world where people can freely interact electronically without unnecessary third party interferences. Both for social and commercial interactions. No spying, no censorship, no taking a cut on private transactions between individuals, no mining of self-defined private information, no unnecessary middlemen. A world where people are more important than entities like companies and states, a world where people have the choices and the means to interact directly between each other. This is the Fermat project vision and to reach this goal we first have to build the Internet of People.

What is the Internet of People?
What we need to enable now is direct device to device communication, with data being stored at end user devices and apps built to interact with each other directly over the Internet but without going through the web or requiring any service from any company or institution. We need P2P Apps that can run independent of any entity.The Internet of People is a set of P2P networks, designed to enable direct device to device P2P communication using P2P apps. The main purpose of the network is to allow my device to connect directly to your device without using any service of any company in the process of establishing the connection or during the interaction.
One of this P2P Networks is a blockchain that runs the token system needed to incentivize operators to run all the components of other P2P networks that form the Internet of People.

You can learn more about fermat on their website: fermat.org.


It sounds very cool! I will read more about it. Thanks!

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