Zimmer Biomet add-in on excel ribbon disappeared

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My Zimmer Biomet tab disappeared from the ribbon in Excel.  How do I get that add-in back?
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If Excel crashes, it will likely blame any add-ons and automatically disable them.  In many cases, it’s right – it was the add-on that created the crash.

To re-enable it, follow these steps:

Within Excel, Go to File->Options->Add-Ins

Under the “Manage” drop-down, select “Disabled” and Click the “Go Button”

If you see a line for “Zimmer Biomet Excel Extensions,” select that line and click the “Enable” button.  You might not see this – it’s okay if you don’t.

From the add-ins menu, change the “Manage” drop-down box to “COM Add-Ins” and click “Go.”

Scroll to the bottom, locate “Zimmer Biomet Excel Extensions,” check the box next to it and click “OK.”

The Ribbon should be back to normal.

If you need to re-install the ribbon, the instructions can be found on this post:


Uninstalling, if necessary, can be done from Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Excel Extensions -> Uninstall

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If Excel is opened for the first time by double-clicking an attachment in Outlook, it often opens in "Lite" mode, where add-ins are not loaded.

To resolve this, open Excel standalone.  Once it's running, any attachment in Outlook you double-click will use the existing, open instance of Excel.
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