Interface conditions with normal unit vectors

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Hi everyone!!!

I come to you for asking if there is anyway for implementing in FEniCs an interface condition of the form
   $_{F^c\left(N^{^c}\right)n_{j^{^{\alpha}}}-F^{^{\alpha}}\left(N^{^{\alpha}}\right)n_{j^{^{\alpha}}}=f_{kl}n_j^{^{\alpha}}}$Fc(Nc)njαFα(Nα)njα=ƒ klnjα   on  $\Gamma$Γ when solving a PDE.

Where, N is the searched function, and F^c and F^a are known and different functions in two regions i.e. an sphere inside a cube. And   $n$n  is a normal unit vector

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what is  $f_{kl}$ƒ kl ? what is the PDE? Is the interface known? This looks like a nonlinear problem (I imagine F depends nonlinearly of N)
written 3 months ago by Miguel  
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