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In my team reaching on consensus for estimation is a challenge, especially when developers of different experience level or designers/QA team members are involved.
The team also feels that a lot of time is wasted during the discussion of other team member’s issues.

How Do I fix this issue?
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You see… estimating isn’t about estimating at all. Estimating is about creating a shared understanding of the requirements, and a shared understanding of the solution. When teams have problems estimating, its almost never an estimating problem, it’s a shared understanding problem. If you can get to the bottom of your shared understanding problem, you will fix your estimation problem.

There are various estimation techniques available.
Planning Poker
The Bucket System
TFB / NFC / 1 (Sprint)
Dot Voting
T-Shirt Sizes
Affinity Mapping
Ordering Protocol
Divide until Maximum Size or Less

Agile estimation techniques are designed to be fast (-er than traditional techniques) and deliberately trade off accuracy.  We are not trying to learn to predict the future… or get better at estimation. Instead, we recognize that estimation is a non-value added activity and minimize it as much as possible.
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1. We usually have different levels of experience people in a team. So, we need to understand everyone's point of view on their estimation & get a justification to finalize on it.

2. Group call is intent to discuss common issues & I suggest a separate 1-on-1 call to discuss other issues to save others time.

3. For technical clarity, for effective interaction, I suggest the team to utilize the tool by commenting to concern team/person & assign it to them to get answers/response.
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