How to update the Pioneer Trains reference data.

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Updating the Pioneer Trains reference data is currently a manual process that Gary does every Monday morning (and sometimes on a Friday, too). The reference data enables Pioneer Trains to translate codes for things such as stations and tickets into plain English descriptions (e.g. 1127 and BHM is Birmingham New Street). The following steps explain how to obtain the reference data and update Pioneer Trains:

  1. Download the most recent industry reference data files. You will need to be in the office to access them as they are IP restricted.
  2. Login to the AWS Dev account, navigate to S3, and find the sfs-trains-dev-reference-data bucket. In this bucket you will find several JSON files, which are what Pioneer Trains is currently using, and the industry data reference data files used to generate those JSON files. Upload the industry reference data files to the bucket (overwrite the existing files).
  3. Navigate to Lambda and find the sfs-trains-referencedata function. This is the function that generates the JSON files that you saw in the S3 bucket in the previous step. Click the function name to go into its configuration.
  4. Click on the drop down next to the orange Test button and create a test event (call it whatever you want) with the following:

    "referenceDataBucketName": "sfs-trains-dev-reference-data"

  5. Click the orange Test button to run the function. It will take about 15 to 20 seconds to complete.
  6. Navigate to the sfs-trains-dev-reference-data bucket again and download the newly generated JSON files.
  7. Finally, place a copy of the JSON files into the corresponding UAT, Production and Stable environment buckets.

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