Can I subscribe users by CSV file

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In the past I invited a long list of users by uploading a CSV file. I can no longer find this functionality. Has it been removed?
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Yes, it has been replaced with our current invitation feature which supports both single and multiple invites. If you have a long list of emails, you can simply copy and paste all emails separated by comma, semicolon or space in the input box, and you can then send the invitation to all of them at once.
The CSV feature was handy for very long lists, e.g. 300+ invites for a class.
written 10 months ago by Garth Wells  
If you have a CSV file, you can open it in Excel for example. Select all the emails in the file, then copy and paste them in the input text box. If the list is long, it may takes some time to process it. I just tried 300 emails and it takes about 3-4 seconds on my computer.
written 10 months ago by AllAnswered Support  
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