My son is disabling application control settings - how?

7 months ago by
I configured Funamo to make Snapchat a "time-limited" and "daily allowance" app.  Every couple days when I check the Funamo status after a sync, I see the check boxes for "time-limited" and "daily allowance" for Snapchat are "unchecked". How is it possible for this to happen?  My son does not have the Funamo password to loging and change settings.  How is he hacking Funamo to do this?

Update: March 12, 2018
Have discovered that DEVICE ADMIN is being disabled on the phone even though SETTINGS is set as protected. Funamo must be a DEVICE ADMIN on the phone or else it doesn't work correctly.  Have Emailed Funamo Support multiple times but am not getting any meaningful advice.  My son refuses to tell me how (if any) he is hacking the phone so this phone may have to go away if I can not find the solution.
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