Can I re-use the same OS Commands across different projects?

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First of all, thanks for starting this discussion group!

I'd like to know if it's possible to use the same OS Commands for different projects? I have 9 OS Commands that I commonly use for starting up in different environments and I use the same commands in all of my projects.

When I need to edit one or more of them (like I have to do to all of them right now, because our server environment changed), it would be terrific to only have to do it once and have access to those commands everywhere. As it is, I'll be making the same edits to all 9 OS Commands for all my projects -- unless there's a better way to do this, of course!

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No, unfortunately right now they are always stored in the project file.  It does sound like it would be good to add a way to specify a command as shared, and probably not hard to do, so we'll try to look at it soon. 

For what it's worth, the commands are stored in the console.toolbox attribute in the *.wpu file.


Thanks. I take a look and see if I can script the changes or if I just need to set aside some time to manually edit the files...


written 18 months ago by Rich Bobo 

Yes, definitely could write a little Python script to update multiple projects from one, which is why I included that tidbit.

written 18 months ago by Wingware Support 
FYI, this will be added in Wing 6.1
written 11 months ago by Wingware Support 
Awesome - thanks!
written 11 months ago by Rich Bobo 
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