Funamo Browser "No data retrieved" functions stops working on Galaxy 6

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My son has a galaxy 6 smart phone and it is loaded with the Funamo parental control and the Funamo Browser.  The issue I am having is that my sons Funamo Browser stops working "No data retrieved" after a few days.  I then have to stop funamo, enable all other browsers, start funamo, verify it works, stop funamo, disable all other browsers, and start funamo again.  The browser starts to work again, at least for a little while.  I have tried the easy and the advanced setup (configured proxy for both home wifi and cellular network), they both produce the same issue.


Does anyone have any ideas?



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Could you please clarify what you mean by enable/disable other browsers? In Funamo app, there is an option called Block other browsers. Do you mean that you check/uncheck that option? Or you actually enabled/disable each browsers in Application manager in Settings app (not Funamo)?

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For Samsung devices, this is most likely caused by the Power saving settings. Please check it you enabled the option to Restrict all background data. If so, please disable it. See the following screen shots for details.


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I am sorry, yes I used the "Block other browsers"

written 11 months ago by Chris Robinson  
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