I have had the same master password for more than a week. No problem getting in with it. Today my husband & I both tried to get in.

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We even changed the keyboard. Now, I've changed the password and tried to get into my tablet with the temporary pass. Still can't get in! I'm not technically illiterate and can not figure it out. Even tried resetting the device itself. Help, please!!

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Btw, I've also tried Funamo1234!

written 21 months ago by Robin Gonzales  

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If you have enabled Protect Safe Mode feature, you have setup two passwords, one is master password and the other is user password. When you reboot a device, the master password is only used in the short period time between the device is turned on and when Funamo protection starts. So please check if Funamo protection is on. If so, the user password is in use. So please try to login with the user password instead.

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I've tried ALL 12 passwords that I've ever had. When you say "user" password… are you referring to my Funamo PW that I use for my account? If you are speaking of a user pass established on the device for the app… then I never created one. And still, I've tried every PW I've ever used...including my acct PW & the temp pass I used to change my account one in case that would work. I can't get past the PW screen to even get INTO the tablet to access the Funamo App. 

Did you enabled "Protect Safe Mode" feature in Funamo? If not, then this is not related to Funamo. It is your normal screen lock and you can reset it through Google Android device manager online as shown here:


If you enabled "Protected Safe Mode" in Funamo, that feature has two passwords, master and user password. 

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support  
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