(Deleted) Funamo is easily uninstalled by my 14 year old. Beware.

15 months ago by

I am now done with Funamo! It is easily uninstalled despite what Funamo says. I'm sorry, I am fed up re-installing it every 2 weeks when my 14 (almost 15) year old stays at his friends and feels awkward when he has software and his friends don't so they remove battery (apparently) and can get into settings before funamo has a chance to start up and remove it.

I know this is a behavioural thing (he wants his freedom/privacy) but peer pressure is starting now and this software is only good for younger kids.

If it could not be installed so easily, it would be awesome...its a great piece of software when working, but I am going to switch to software that works in stealth mode instead.

Parents, if you note hat it as not synched when you expect it too, then I suggest that you chec that the little "F" is showing on the top of the device to ensure it is running and keeping your child safe.



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