How do I alter the timeout for flight search results?

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Given that you have your own fork of `ClickDeployment` (if not, instructions are here Tower (Git) config).

Update your local clone of ClickDeployment (pull from `upstream/master`)

Open ClickDeployment/properties/production/

Find the property `` and update the value
(Application gateway times out after 60 seconds, so this is effectively the maximum value)
save the file, commit the changes and push them to `origin/master`

Create a PR for the ClickDeployment changes.

Once your PR is merged, redeploy the CURRENT version of the Travel-Application with Bamboo:-

*** Make a note of the current version and ensure you that is the one you deploy! ***
Bamboo-My Build Dashboard


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To re-deploy the current version of the Travel-Application with Bamboo:

1) after logging in then choose Deploy->All Deployment Projects from the menu bar at the top of the page

2) In the left 'Deployment project' column, click on 'Travel Application'

3) Notice the release on the Production line (e.g. 'travel-release-1654')

4) Click on the 'cloud-arrow' Deploy symbol at the far right end of the Production line

5) Choose the "Promote existing release to this environment" radio button

6) Find the same release noted in 3) above

7) Click on the "Start deployment" button

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NB: the timeout is for the length of time travel polls SFS for results, the actual time spent in travel will always be slightly longer than this value as there is processing through the layers, http comms to deal with etc. Having a value which is 60 seconds or more will not throw errors in the logs as both sfs-flights and travel are communicating internally and therefore not going through the AG. Using a value of 60 seconds or more though will cause the UI to receive a timeout and not display any search results (it'll display an error). This is because the ELBs time out at 60 seconds so the AG times out slightly before this meaning that for a good UX travel needs to complete polling of SFS before this. My suggested maximum for the property is 50, could try 55 at a push but using 60 could result in errors in the UI.

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