My son has a new phone( oppo fs1 ) I downloaded funamo and tried to set it up and after about 1 minute it stopped blocking everything and turned funamo off. Do I have to do anything different?

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Many of these phones from China have non-standard Android features which may cause issues with Funamo. Things I would suggest that you check are

1. Make sure that Funamo is enabled as a device admin app. Device admin settings can be found under Security section in the Settings app

2. Check if the power saving mode is set too aggressively.

3. Check if there is any memory cleaner type app or feature that may kill or clean other apps.

In general we do not recommend these brands because of the non-standard features that they have. 

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Where is said that you don't recommend funamo for Oppo mobiles? I would not have paid for licence if it didn't work on Oppo mobiles

It's not that they don't recommend Funamo. It's that they don't recommend those brands of smartphone.

So we are supposed to choose our smartphones to suit Funamo. I made the mistake of thinking the other way round. My son has a Huawei. It no longer has Funamo running on it.

written 18 months ago by Dave Stone 
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