Wing IDE 5 pro - I/O Debugger - netserver Error

12 months ago by
Please help me with this error.
My Wing IDE was working a long time but now I have this error. I believe is something wit PATH setting but need help.

Please check included file

Thank you
Best regards
Bojan Lakovic, Croatia

File attached: WinIDEsettings.txt (4.67 KB)


1 Answer

11 months ago by

Sorry, somehow we did not receive notice of this post 22 days ago (or at all).

I think the problem is that you need to upgrade to the latest Wing 5.1 and then apply all patches from the Help menu.  Python 3.5 changed its byte code version mid-stream for some reason and this broke things.

Or, better yet, use Wing 6 which has a different way the debugger works internally that avoids this kind of Python version compatibility problem.

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