How do I control the app from the website?

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Users are supposed to be able to adjust the settings on the app from the website. But when I click on "Synchronize," I get the error message "Device Sync: This device has not registered for push service...." When I click on "Manage," I get the error message "Device required; Please select a device." But there is no list from which to select.

But I HAVE registered; at least I think I have. In the Funamo app, I go to Account Settings > Register push service, and click "Register push." A popup says "You have successfully registered push service!"
Back to the website: Still the same as before.
I'm logging in both places (the app and the website) using the same email address and the same password.
What am I missing here?

Bruce Fraser

Device: LG G3 D852
Android: 7.1.2
Funamo app version: 3.2.13; it is licensed
Community: Funamo

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Could you please send an email to with the email you used for your account and which device you are referring to? We will need to check on the device to see if it has registered for push notification.
did send an email to support@funamo. In fact, I sent two: one on September 18, and another on September 25. No response to either. That's not a good sign for users, both current and prospective.
Anyway, I'll try again, by posting my reply here. It seems like someone from Funamo monitors this forum, so this is worth a try.

The device I'm using is "LG G3". 
When I was browsing through all the "Settings" pages on the Funamo website, I found that the Licence page, when I click "Submit," lists four different instances of this same device. That was probably when I was trying out different ROMs, and checking to see if Funamo worked with them. All were brief two-day trials, except for the one I'm using now which is paid. The only problem is, there's no way on that page to delete unwanted devices. Nor are they dated, so users can tell which is which. 
    Anyway, the issue is still the same: I tried registering the device each time, and each time came up empty--as described in my post on 

Thanks for your help.
Bruce Fraser
written 10 months ago by Bruce Fraser  
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