(Deleted) Have you successfully built PropGCC4 with GCC6 (e.g. on Debian9)?

11 months ago by
If yes... what did you change, patch, fix or glue?

(I try asking without a fat log of a failed build first...)


Known problems:

  1. Most current distributions have a too new texinfo installed.
    Fix: Find a patch to fix (only binutils?) or install an old texinfo-4.x (to e.g. /opt/texinfo4) and put its binaries directory (/opt/texinfo4/bin) at the start of the PATH while building PropGCC. This is only needed at PropGCC compile time.
  2. Too many warnings now treated as errors are blocking a successful build.
    Fix: Add --disable-werror to the configure arguments of binutils, gcc and gdb.
  3. Look at $xxx or $yyy apply and find out why it still does not build...
    Fix: A bottle of Noilly Prat or for(;;) curse("U+1F4A9");.

I need a break...
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Just following. I'm very interested in this as well. Have you asked David Z. on the Parallax forum?
written 11 months ago by Mike Robert  
I think D.Z. builds from https://github.com/dbetz/propeller-gcc but the version Parallax distributes still is that permian one from https://github.com/parallaxinc/propgcc and that's the one I want to build until Parallax officially switches to the new repository. Sometimes I doubt this will ever happen.... but time will tell...
written 11 months ago by yeti  
I was one click away from "Answer" rather than "Comment" as well. 
written 11 months ago by Mike Robert  
Desperate situations deserve desperate measures: https://github.com/parallaxinc/propgcc/issues/77
written 11 months ago by yeti  
7 days have passed and no reaction on issue/77. We can consider C for Propellers dead. It may get a resurrection when Propeller2 gets released but after a while it will be a zombie again. I'm thinking about going back to playing with real Z80s...
written 11 months ago by yeti  
3 weeks of staring at the window with issue/77 and not even half a bit of a reaction.
   ( "/$§=("!§$%)!"!!!​ )
/ \
written 10 months ago by yeti  
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