Meaning of resolution while using mshr

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Hello everyone,

I would like to ask about mesh generator using mshr.

When I try generate a mesh using

generate_mesh(domain, resolution)​

then what is the precise meaning of resolution?

Of course, the higher resolution, the more cells my mesh has. However I don't get what are the rules behind it. A mesh generated this way is unstructured, so there seems to be no easy answer. A naive intuition may suggest that it's a number of cells across my domain's diameter for example. But then again, using CSG I can create many different kinds of domains so it's unclear to me how the diameter should be defined. Finally, even when I pick up a simple but unsymetric domain, like a long pipe, I could say that its diamater would be the pipe's length but even then I have no information about what happens across its width since resolution is a single parameter.

I tried to search in the documentation of mshr, unfortunately I coudn't find any answer.

I would be grateful for your help.
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1 Answer

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From my experimentation with this (a few versions back), I believe that the maximum cell size is set to the diameter of the smallest disk which contains the domain divided by the mesh resolution.  So, you are right that, if the domain is long and thin, then the long dimension will be used to determine the cell size, and not the thin direction.
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