Specifics of Gaelic Sports Betting

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For the development of Gaelic football and Hurling, Gaelic's most popular sports is responsible for Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), which is the largest sports organization in Ireland. The Women's Association of Gaelic Football is promoting the women's Gaelic football, and the Kamaoga Association is responsible for the Camogli. All these organizations closely interact and implement joint projects and even are based under the roof of the general headquarters at the Croke Park Stadium in Dublin.

Croke Park is truly the home of Gaelic sports because the other sports competitions (football, rugby, cricket, etc.) are not conducted here.

How to Bet on Gaelic Sports

All tournaments of the GAA have an amateur status. That is, outside the stadium, each player works somewhere in the office full-time. Gaelic sports are not seen as the ability to earn a serious living. Annually, the finals of the national championships in Gaelic football and hurling, held at Croke Park, are filled to 82,300 fans, and the games themselves are broadcast all over the world. For a second, imagine that amateur athletes participating in the national sports tournament have the opportunity to play at such a super-stadium with the live support of fans and a multimillion-dollar television audience. So, be ready to enjoy more Gaelic sports betting odds.

Betting Rates for the Championship of Ireland

What you need for successful betting on the tournament:

- Full knowledge of the rules of Gaelic football;

- Ability to find information in all the possible sources. Actively use the Irish search engines to keep abreast of all the news of the league;

- Studying the rules of bookmaker offices. Make sure that the office accepts bets on the outcome of the main time;

- Betting in several offices. Coefficients in different offices vary, so choose the bookmakers with the maximum quotes.

Odds on the Winner of the Championship

In the bookmakers, you can put on the victory of any of the team championship in Ireland. Coefficients on most teams exceed the value of 100.00, and on some teams, bookmakers and do give four-digit coefficients.

Only four teams have a more realistic chance of winning. First of all, this is the capital team of Dublin, which can be put with a coefficient of 2.25. Only for the last 6 seasons, Dublin four times became a champion (including the last two tournaments)

Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe, where the first place in popularity is not the classic English football, but another game. In all other countries, almost nothing is known about Gaelic football and the Irish championship, so in the bookmaker line often there are loads, caused by the rates of Irish fans. The game on such shipments is the most optimal betting strategy for the championship of Ireland.
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