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I urge every client to read the documentation about the portal and confirm their client asset / money balances with Beaufort ASAP via the portal. Discrepancies can be communicated via the portal. There is bar date of 08th June 2018. There is a very useful user guide on the portal that has screen-shots of all the steps.

Link to portal


Once you have done this, please complete the POLL / SURVEY in the forum.


What is the effect of the Bar Dates?
The effect of the Bar Dates is explained in more detail below and in the FAQ guidance
document available via the client Portal. However, in short, clients who submit
their claims after 8 June 2018 are not guaranteed to have their claims
taken into account when distributions are made. The administrators will, in
any event, take into account those clients’ entitlements which are reflected in BACSL’s
books and records, including any adjustments that the administrators identify in due
course. It is therefore very important that you submit your claims for client
assets and client money to BACSL on or before the Bar Dates i.e. 8 June
Community: Beaufort Clients
Note that by responding promptly you can help to speed up PwC's account reconciliation process, thus reducing administration costs and helping to shorten the timescale until assets can be returned.

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written 8 days ago by Mark Bentley  
Can we have a link to the Portal please?
written 5 days ago by J.Collins  
It was there in the post, but I have now made it more visible.
written 5 days ago by Nandish  
Finally logged in and now can see all my holdings after about 2 days and lots of phone calls mainly with people who have'nt a clue .why cant they just electronically transfer my shares to a new broker ?
written 5 days ago by ron marshall  
That's what they will do eventually in the end in September 2018 ; this process is to give all holders a 'clean' title to their holdings once the court approves the distribution plan.
written 5 days ago by Nandish  
Let's hope so ! i noticed  i only had £5,98 in my cash account i just wondered about the dividend payments PWC seem to be over complicating all this .must be worse for the clients with Pensions ISAs etc with Beaufort  .i would have thought that transferring our share holdings when they have identified them on your account would be quite straight forward but noting seems that easy with PWC not much faith in them to be honest and there IT System leaves a lot to be desired ,we should have all smelled a rat when beaufort changed there IT System Ce La Vie!
written 5 days ago by ron marshall  

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