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How do you install snap from an indirect territory?
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To request access to Citrix, including Snap, go to Service Now:

Select "Request A Service."  From the service menu, select "Business Applications" and click on the link for "Citrix:"
Under "bundles" select "Indirect Distributorship".
Once you have selected this and filled out the requisite information, click "Order Now" to complete your request.

More detailed instructions with screenshots can be found on the snap wiki at the bottom of this page:

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Corporate users on Windows machines can install Snap directly from the network shares by launching the following link in Windows Explorer (File Browser) and running setup.exe:


Most direct territories and some indirect territories, who have direct access inside the ZB firewall, can also install it from the Web version of the deployment and clicking the "Install" button.

Note, this is a Microsoft click-once deployment, and since Microsoft does not play nicely with other companies this will not work on either Chrome or Firefox.  You must use Internet Explorer or Edge.

Most indirect territories and non-Windows users can only access Snap via Citrix, per Clay's post.
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