(Deleted) Funamo disables itself

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Yes, yet another post of Funamo disabling itself. I removed time protection and syncd. Instead it just disabled itself and didn't remove time protection. It notified my child but not me and clearly I only noticed because she was playing on it 24h a day.

I Understand that you cannot diagnose the problem, also because you have no log files and not diagnostics to run but I KNOW THAT IF YOU HAD A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER YOU COULD IMPLEMENT A NOTIFICATION TO THE PARENT TELLING THEM THAT FUNAMO IS DISABLED. Clearly you don't have a developer working on the product and this is why I am going to give you a rating of 1 on Google play and go and buy another system

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Unfortunately, I have to agree.

For some time - at least since the Funamo "support" moved to AllAnswered, there is no progress and no development. Our only choice is to leave 1 star ratings and look elsewhere.

Sad, but true...

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Yeah I am in the same boat and having paid for 4 licences I am very frustrated.  I am a software engineer so I have been trying to self diagnose what conditions lead to it just turning off, but have had no luck.  I think will go add my review too.

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