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Vizzbuzz helps you produce graphics from text that you can post to social media. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Add an inspirational quote
  • Alert your customers to an event or a sale
  • Add more than 140 characters to a Tweet
  • Brand your messages (coming soon)

To get started you can just click on the random quote button to help you see how Vizzbuzz works. Then select from the style chooser on the left hand side, either a text only or an image based style.

For image styles you can also add a background image from either a fantastic collection of background images or from your own collection, camera etc. The 'BACKGROUND' button will be greyed out for text styles.

If you're happy with your image choose the means of sharing from the download by clicking on either the Pinterest, download or Twitter icons on the top bar.

If you chose Twitter or Pinterest you'll be asked to add some optional additional text to go with the image. Then just click the Tweet, Download or Pin button and you're done.

Work in Progress

We're working hard on making Vizzbuzz great at the moment. Part of doing that was to take away some functionality until we fill it's fit to use and easy to use. So we've put aside emojis and snapshots for now. And we've scrapped percentage charts.

We've just added support for 'meme' style images and emoji backgrounds are coming back soon. So please keep watching this space.

One more thing ...
You can contact us anytime and we've even prepared a little tour which you can start by clicking the tour button.

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