How do I ask a question about CodeWorld?

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I have a question to ask about CodeWorld.  How do I ask it, and have the best chance of getting a helpful answer?

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Just click the "New Post" button at and choose to post a Question.  If you don't see the button, you will need to sign in and join the community first.  Ask your question briefly in the blank labeled "Post title".  Use the larger box to give extra information.

Here are some tips for getting a helpful response:

If you are asking about a program, include a link!  After running your program, choose Share, and copy and paste the link into your question.  You can do this even if your program has error messages.

Explain as clearly as you can.  Take the time to explain your problem clearly.  Remember that we don't know what you are trying to do.  It also helps to double check your spelling and grammar, to make sure we can read and understand the question.

Explain what you expected, and what you saw.  If your program runs, but does not do what you expected, this is called a bug!  When asking for help with a bug, please explain what you expected it to do, and what it does instead.

Show us your best attempt, not your latest one.  When your program doesn't work, it's normal to try a lot of things to fix it.  That's fine.  But when you ask for help, please go back to your best attempt.  It's much more difficult to help you if we have to sort through everything else you tried after you started having problems.

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