(Deleted) Who should be allowed to moderate questions for the Pavement Engineering community?

21 months ago by

This may have to be a private community so that users can be invited and we can control who accesses our community and avoid possible liability issues.

written 20 months ago by Vicki Schofield 

Within a private community is there still a need for a specific moderator?

written 20 months ago by John Donahue 

I believe so. Check out this link from Jeff Atwood, the founder of StackOverflow. StackOverflow is essentially the exact same idea as AllAnswered, although it is more developed and mature software application. Ideally, we would use stackoverflow if/when we released this forum to our pavement design community.


This should give you a general idea of the purpose and responsibilities of moderators for these types of Q/A forums.

written 20 months ago by Chadwick 
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