How to simulate the inner force of a cell?

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Hi, everyone
I wonder if I can simulate the inner force of a cell, for example, the movement of the spindle body elongates the cell in a certain direction, i.e. the cell grows along a certain direction.
Thank you.
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I would say that anything that requires more control of the subcellular structures, mechanisms etc should be handled via compartmentalized cells.

Having said this, you could explore LengthConstraint plugin that does precisely what you want - elongates cells. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you include ConnectivityGlobal plugin. This plugin has been updated in 3.7.7 to run much faster than previous version (especially in 3D) so make sure you are using the latest CC3D if you want to go down that route.
I would check elongation demos in the Demo folder of CC3D install and also there is a contributed module called OrientedGrowth (the corresponding demo is OrientedGrowthDemo) so check them out
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