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Dear all, I have some questions on the following codes from the PKD paper.
    def dePixelating(self,cell):
        L=[];  compList=self.inventory.getClusterCells(cell.clusterId)
        for cell2 in compList:
            if ( !=
                for pixel in pixelList:
        for pixel in L:

1. what's the function of self.cellField.set(pixel,cell)? To make the pixel belong to the cell?
2. should the command "pixelList=self.getCellPixelList(cell)" be "pixelList=self.getCellPixelList(cell2)"?
3.what 's the function of this function?

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As I understand it, this is a function under the Mitosis Steppable Class, for the Tubule Python code. Cell2 is an index going through the compList.  The function is called using (self, cell), so I assume we are interested in the pixels of cell and not cell2.

I think this is related to mitosis or dividing of clustered cells, as opposed to non-clustered cells. See pg 79-81 of the 3.7.2 Reference Manual. The general 3 steps to that includes getting the set of all pixels contained by the clustered cell. Then pixels are assigned to either the parent or child cell.

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