Python keeps crashing and compucell3D fails to open.

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d g 
Hi All,

I have been using compucell3D for over a year without a problem, but Since downloading the latest version, Compucell3D player fails to open unless via tweddit, and then python keeps crashing at random times during the simulation. This is not an error in the code I have checked this for sure. But even when I uninstall the latest version and reinstall an older version of compucell3D I am having this problem. has anyone else had this issue or knows what I could do.



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If this happens on Windows you may need to reinstall CC3D. Preferably you may need to manually remove the entire CC3D installation directory prior to installation. Let us know if this continues to be the case
Thank you, I did this and reinstalled version 3.7.5 and it is now working I shall try again with version 3.7.7 later.
written 9 months ago by d g 
I have the similar problem with the CC3D player for 3.7.7 and 3.7.6, so I just open it via twedit. The 3.7.5 no GPU version is normally running for me.
written 9 months ago by Yuan 
9 months ago by
See the solution above -  manually removing the CC3D installation folder on Windows Prior to installation of C3D 3.7.7 will solve the problem
It seems useless for the CC3D player, however, open it via twedit is okay.
written 9 months ago by Yuan 
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