Funamo wants a new lizenz why?

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My son has managed to delete Funamo. After a new installation on the mobile Funamo wants at once a new license.

Why do I need to buy a new license?
The old license was not even 2 months old!

2. How does it make my son funamo to disable although playstore is locked.
The Funamo password he does not know!

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2 Answers

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OK but why i need to buy a new License?

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No, you don't need to buy another license. When you setup Funamo again, please make sure that you use the same Funamo account as before. Do not create a new Funamo account. If you still have any issues with your license, please contact directly and provide the emails for your Funamo account. And we will help you find out why the license was not found for your device.

We do not show license status online. To check if a specific device has license, please open Funamo main page in Funamo app (not web). If the device has a valid license, you should no longer see "Purchase Funamo now" selection at the top. Instead, you will see "Product Licensed" text besides the Funamo logo.

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