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I have a community for a school program and I'd like students to post questions with topic tags so that instructors can answer questions more efficiently. Is there a way to do that, or can you create one in the future?


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Thank you for the suggestion. It was actually a design decision we made that we do not support tagging. Although there are examples of success using tags, such as StackOverflow etc, in general, tagging is very hard to manage. Over time, tags with different variations are created and people in general do not have the diligence to tag things correctly. So you will end up with tags that are supposed to be good filters, but in the end, it cannot be fully trusted.

On AllAnswered, each community should have its own focus. Coupled with good search capability within the community, we think tagging is not really needed. If there are very different topics that are hard to fit in a single community, you can always create separate communities. The idea of community is to get people together with common interest in specific topics and really work together on it.

Let us know what you all think.

written 15 months ago by AllAnswered Support  

Thank you for your prompt reply. I understand it can be messy if we allow all users in the community create their own tags. But how about the community owner/moderator(s) have an ability to make/manage a set of tags that people can choose? For example, when I have students in our academic program, I may be able to create tags such as course number (e.g. CS600), or the question categories (e.g. administrative, technical, etc). Please note that the tag applies to inside the community and is different from the community tags. So let's say I'm an instructor of a course CS600, and I want to be able to see all questions related to the course (with tag CS600) when I click the CS600 tag button. Let's say there is an another moderator in the same community who takes care of all administrative questions, she/he may want to see all questions with tag 'administrative'. I think having the sub-categories (tags) within the community is more convenient for users than making each community per tag (e.g. class communities, and administrative, and other topics etc) and making students to join all of them (students won't getting a series of invitation emails from all kinds of communities that belongs our program). Plus it doesn't seem there is a way to show all questions or selective category questions at once if I have separate communities. It will be great if I can keep students in one community so they can interact better each other (our students are online students and there is no place for them to get to know each other) but make them be able to ask questions or post articles on various subjects, and the moderators (our instructors and staffs) be able to monitor/answer questions on certain tags/subjects they are assigned to. I considered Slack for a community space, but then it wasn't good for organized question and answering. I thought this platform is great and has a similar interface as stackoverflow and quora, which I like. It would be even better if it has category tagging.

written 15 months ago by Geena Kim  
Github issues use tags very successfully with small teams. Sometimes its a bit different than here in that issues benefit from process-related tags. But there are also component-related tags, which aren't that hard to manage and are more flexible than communities (e.g. editing tags and using multiple tags).
written 10 months ago by Edward Brey  
Thank you for your feedback. For process-related tasks, tags may work because tags have to be applied correctly otherwise the process does not work. But for collaboration, tags are very hard to manage. AllAnswered communities are like Slack channels. They get the right people together for specific tasks, groups or projects. Today's search technology is good enough to find content that you are looking for without the help of manual tagging. If you use Slack, just think about how you create channels there. The same can be applied to AllAnswered communities. Hope it helps.
written 10 months ago by AllAnswered Support  
I understand the objections, but I agree this would be a fantastic addition.  We have questions and posts that cross numerous "communities."  If this were a paid option and reasonably priced, I'd fork out the money for it.
written 3 months ago by Christopher Hamel  

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