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Funamo is a great product, but you do need to work on not blocking harmless sites.  These have all been blocked recently, and I can't just keep adding them to the whitelist.  Could you please add these to a Master whitelist?  Thanks



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Funamo only blocks porn sites by default. It does not block these sites. My guess is that you are using key word filtering and some key words are too general. Please note that any web page that contains any of the key words you specified, it will be blocked. Please check if it is the case.

written 18 months ago by Funamo Support  

Thanks for your reply.  I am using 3 keywords to try and plug the gaps in Funamo's blocking system.

Some blog sites allow porn, so I am blocking "Tumblr" and "blogspot".  Proxy sites allow for a total bypass of any blocks, even at the ISP level, so I also block "Proxfree", one of the more common proxy sites.

I also block certain sites, such as Twitter.

I don't think this is the problem.  Any more ideas?  

(Also it would be good if there was a better way to block porn from twitter, tumblr, etc.)

written 18 months ago by D  

I would suggest that you first keep all default settings of Funamo (without blacklist, whitelist or keywords). And make sure everything is working as expected. Then add other settings one by one and see which on triggers the blocking that is not expected.

written 18 months ago by Funamo Support  

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