What are the problem apps/settings on Huawei phones?

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My son has a Huawei p9. Like other posters here, I have a problem with Funamo turning off while the phone is in use.

Does anyone know which specific apps or settings on the Huawei are causing this? Vague references to 'memory optimizers' or managers aren't useful: I haven't found anything that appears remotely like what has been described. Is this related to the proprietary Huawei interface Emui, and is anyone managing to use Funamo successfully on a Huawei phone (and if so, which version of Emui)?

Also unhelpful is the suggestion that I shouldn't buy a Huawei phone. When my wife chose it for my son, her primary criterion was not 'Is this compatible with Funamo'.

I have bought a Funamo license. If possible, I would like to make use of it: I have no complaints about the app other than that this tendency to turn off makes it useless.

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I don't have a Huawei phone but I do use Xiaomi phones so my guess is that similar to Xiaomi it is using granular permission controls that default to disabling. Taking a quick look around I found a video that confirmed my suspicions. It looks like you need to enable the app to autostart and also protect it from the battery manager so that it isn't killed in the background. Here's the video that I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIPxTlJOT38 

Thanks for a great answer: very specific. Unfortunately, PM Plus, the app in the video, is no longer available from Google Play. But you've given me an idea for leads to follow.

written 17 months ago by Dave Stone  
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